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About IMS Landlord Insurance.

Why Landlords Insurance?

Creating wealth through property can be a rewarding journey. Landlord insurance is an important part of the process and is crucial in safeguarding your investment and income against any unforeseen accidents or events.

Just as you take the time to find home, health or vehicle insurance that’s right for you, or a property manager whom you trust your investment with, it’s important to find the best landlord insurance for you.

IMS Landlord Insurance provides comprehensive cover that is clear, simple and practical.

Get peace of mind knowing your income and asset is covered. Protect your property from investment risk with IMS Landlord Insurance; built by landlords, for landlords.

One Claim, One Excess

An excess is a contribution you’re required to pay towards a claim you make on your policy. Some insurers and policies charge you an excess for every individual item listed within a claim, making it a very costly exercise. At IMS, we believe it’s fair to only charge one excess of $250 per claim, regardless of how many items are within that claim. It’s designed to offer you maximum protection at the lowest cost in the event of a claim.

What we cover.

Section One

Building Insurance Up to sum insured
Theft By Tenant 10% of building sum insured
Rebuilding Fees 10% of building sum insured
Solar Panels Up to $2,000
Rainwater Tank Up to $1,500
Mortgage Discharge Cost Up to $5,000
Mortgage Discharge Cost Up to sum insured

Section Two

Contents Up to $60,000
Malicious Acts By Tenant Up to $60,000
Theft By Tenant Up to $60,000
Locks And Keys Up to $1,000

Section Three

Loss Of Rent Up to 52 weeks (Max $1,000 Per Week)
Rental Default Up to 18 weeks (Max $1,000 Per Week)
Tenant Refuse To Vacate Up to 52 weeks (Max $1,000 Per Week)
Tax Audit Fees $500
Legal Expenses $7,500

Section Four

Public / Legal Liability $20,000,000
Excess $250 each and every claim
$5,000 cyclone damage

You’re covered with IMS.

Accidental Damage and Defined Event

Insurance policies often don’t cover both of these – but as a landlord, you need them. Accidental Damage (or Loss) covers any unintended damages or loss to property that results in financial loss to you (unless excluded in the policy). ‘Defined Events’ only covers you for fire and perils. Your IMS Landlord Insurance covers you for both.

Building Cover

Be protected against accidental loss or damage and defined events to your building, to the sum insured chosen by you. This is based on what it would cost to rebuild the structure – not the value of the property. Getting this right is vital to quoting an accurate premium and getting the correct level of cover.

Loss of Rent

If fire or other incidents damage the property to the extent it cannot be leased, we cover you for the rental income you would have received.

Rental Default

We safeguard you from the loss of income for a specific period should your tenant defaults on their rental agreement and is unable to pay their lease or fees.

Landlord Content Cover

In the event of loss or damage to your contents by malicious damage or theft, or other events described in your policy, you’re covered. This includes damages to fixtures and fittings like the carpets, doors, oven and windows.

Public/Legal Liability

Our landlord insurance protects you against compensation claims made for personal injury or damage caused to a third party in relation to the property you own, to a limit of $20 million.

Landlord’s Legal Expenses

Your IMS Landlord Insurance also covers the reasonable legal expenses you may incur as a landlord, to help minimise any loss of rental income.

Duty Of Disclosure.

It is your duty to disclose every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to

know, to be relevant to the insurer's decision as to whether to provide insurance cover and,

if so, on what terms, before you enter into or renew an insurance policy. You have the same

duty to disclose those matters to the insurer before you renew, extend or reinstate a

contract of general insurance.

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Please note this information is provided as general advice only and does not consider your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if the product is right for you, please read the policy documentation including the Landlords Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording which is available from your property managing agent or our office.